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Animal welfare groups among those eager to donate Tuesday

Animal welfare groups among those eager to donate Tuesday Giving Tuesday is a flagship day for nonprofits around the world. It launches the season of giving for causes that work in our communities. The modern movement pushes back creeping consumerism. NOVATO, California – Giving Tuesday has set the bar for fundraising high after a banner […]

Animal shelter

Animal shelter closed | New

Testimony reveals the disappearance of more than 40 dogs After allegations of animal abuse and indicted testimony in Wayne County Courthouse, a judge ordered the Wayne County Animal Rescue shut down within 30 days and charged a man with animal cruelty. Judge Ralph Smith has ordered the remaining animals in WCAR’s care to be transferred […]

Animal welfare

Animal welfare: raising pigs without stress

For their pigsties, breeders should use well-designed floor coverings made from a material that does not damage the feet of the animals. Photo: Glenneis Kriel While growing animal welfare concerns are driving changes in the way pigs are produced internationally, production costs remain the primary driver of improved welfare in pig farms. Dr Peter Evans, […]

Animal rescue

Welsh Parliament votes to regulate animal rescue and placement centers

The Welsh parliament has backed the introduction of new regulations for animal rescue and placement centers following a vote in the Senedd. As it was, anyone could create one, regardless of the skills or resources needed to care for the animals. However, the Welsh parliament has called on the Welsh government to pass new regulations […]

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Support Hot Springs Animal Services

There’s been a lot of talk lately, especially on social media, about our community animal shelter, Hot Springs Animal Services – “Don’t take the stray animals you found in town, they’ll go. kill them ”, https: // www. / news / 2021 / Nov / 28 / support-hot-springs-animal-services / “Do not adopt in town […]

Animal shelter

Horn Lake Animal Shelter Welcomes ‘Paw-liday’ Pet Adoptions | New

The Horn Lake Animal Shelter is hosting a special ‘Paw-liday’ pet adoption and encourages residents who wish to add a dog to their family to drop by and see the available animals looking for their forever home. Horn Lake is a no-kill animal shelter and currently has 81 dogs for adoption. “We hope to have […]

Animal services

Pet of the Week at Burke County Animal Services | Local News

Diesel is a 3 year old male ready for adoption. Garfield is a 1 year old male ready for adoption. Many dogs and cats are available for adoption at Burke County Animal Services. Elizabeth Guffey, Animal Services Coordinator at BCAS, wants all of the animals in the shelter to find fur loving homes. These are […]

Animal welfare

Ojibwa Revive Cultural Traditions and Animal Welfare in Northern Minnesota

CASS LAKE, Minnesota (AP) – Animal neglect was such a problem on the Leech Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota, with basic services like spaying out of reach for many due to poverty and distance, that packs of stray dogs sometimes brought traffic to a stop on the main road. Today, stray dogs are rare. Children […]

Animal shelter

Animal shelter overwhelmed after saving 42 cats from home: “I started to cry”

An animal shelter offers a discount on cat adoptions, a feline rescue situation has become a huge business. The Evanston Animal Shelter in Evanston, Ill. Is trying to relocate 35 cats it rescued from a house that burned down in a fire in August this year. The shelter had received a call from the police […]

Animal welfare

MASDAW animal welfare association launches MOP 1.2 million fundraiser to find new shelter

The Macau Stray Dogs and Animal Welfare Association (MASDAW) launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise MOP 1.2 million ($ 149,427) to find new shelter for the nearly 130 dogs in her care. In what is described as “the biggest challenge in its history,” the group is trying to raise funds to move to a new […]