Animal rescue

WOOFF charity shops in aid of Animal Rescue Algarve

Helping animals, people and the environment, one purchase at a time

WOOFF stands for ‘Worn Only Once Furniture and Fashion’, and it’s a howl for innovative work to promote the sustainability of animal, human and environmental welfare in the Algarve.

Founded by the animal welfare charity Animal Rescue Algarve (ARA), WOOFF charity shops can be found in two locations, Almancil and Loulé. Charity Shops have played an increasingly important role in supporting ARA’s rescue work and so far rely on the invaluable help of 42 unpaid volunteers.

According to ARA: “This pioneering concept in the Algarve gives new life to high quality second-hand goods. With a philosophy built around solving pressing issues of environmental sustainability, social equality, and animal rescue, WOOFF prides itself on the amount of real change that comes with every purchase.

“By sustaining the life of high-quality, underused items, WOOFF is helping to slow the negative environmental impact of ‘fast fashion and furniture’, which is having an increasingly devastating impact on the planet. .

“Plus, accessible pricing on otherwise exclusive items means anyone can pick up premium products.”

On the animal welfare front, WOOFF’s revenue goes directly into ARA’s vital and urgent work, meaning that every euro generated with every purchase goes directly to feeding, treatment, care, welcoming and rescuing animals that have been victims of the most tragic stories of violence. , negligence or abuse.

WOOFF is always looking for new ways to increase the reach and impact of its work, and here’s how you can help:

  • Donate your time: up to three hours a week, in Loulé or Almancil boutiques.
  • Donate your high quality goods that you no longer want.
  • Shop in stores: before going to a mainstream outlet, stop by one of the WOOFF stores. You will contribute to animal welfare, in an environmentally sustainable way, while empowering local communities.

WOOFF stores

Almancil: R. Cristóvão Pires Norte. Tel 289 356 355

Loulé: Av. Andrade de Sousa Urbanisação Boas Entradas Edificio Atlantico Plaza Lote 73, Loja C. Tel 289 416 061

For more information on donations, volunteering or any questions:

[email protected]