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Two dogs living in new homes thanks to connections through animal services


Two dogs are now living in new homes thanks to relationships established through Sumter County Animal Services.

Adeline was adopted the weekend of October 29 and according to her new owner, she immediately settled into her new home.

“She fits into the family like a glove and our other dog adores her,” Jane Dalton said.

When Dalton visited Sumter County Animal Services, she said she liked Adeline’s size and soulful eyes as well as her “laid-back personality.”

Dalton and her husband recently lost one of their dogs to cancer, so they were looking for a companion for Koda, a 15-year-old 6.5-pound shi-poo. Like any stray dog, Dalton said they worked on basic commands and made Adeline feel comfortable in a home situation. It seems that Adeline is getting used to her new home.

“She’s a very friendly dog ​​and will approach someone for pets by crawling towards them,” Dalton said. “And, of course, she loves hugs and kisses.”

The Daltons will keep Adeline as their name, although they usually call her Addie.


Another recent successful adoption is even sweeter. Turbo was released to Sumter County Animal Control on October 3, 2021. On October 3, 2022, his one-year anniversary at Sumter County Animal Services, Turbo was granted his forever home. Turbo, now named Turner, is a special needs dog with a facial deformity and missing teeth, but that didn’t stop Sharon Smallwood from giving Turner the home and love he deserves.

“Turner is one of the sweetest dogs that’s ever been in this house,” Smallwood said. “He listens and quickly complies with the given request. He also loves his toys and his orthopedic bed. It is the ideal companion. »

Smallwood added that Turner’s veterinarian is impressed with the medical care he received during his time at Sumter County Animal Services, which is a testament to the care and hard work provided by animal services workers and volunteers.

“I want to thank Sumter County Animal Services for caring for this wonderful companion and not giving up on him,” Smallwood added.

Sumter County Animal Services had its best adoption month ever in October with 72 pets finding their forever homes. Even with this success, there are still plenty of dogs and cats like Adeline and Turner who need a chance and a home.

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