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Thirty horses ‘in very bad condition’ seized by animal services in California

Thirty horses, including several pregnant and lactating mares, were seized during an animal welfare investigation in Riverbank, Calif., Reports The Modesto Bee. Authorities have not disclosed the name of the person believed to be in charge of a farm on the property, and it is believed that two or more of the animals could be stolen.

“I can tell you the animals were in really bad shape,” said Annette Bedsworth, executive director of Stanislaus County Animal Services. “It was pointless. It didn’t have to happen.

The horses all receive veterinary care from the Sweet River Equine Clinic.

A GoFundMe page gives an unconfirmed account of the investigation and alleges there could be up to 50 additional horses in other properties.

The 30 horses went to Oakdale Equine Rescue, which welcomes the animals until the investigation and legal action are completed. Rescue asks people with questions about lost / stolen / rented horses by sending an email to [email protected] including: full name, address and telephone number; detailed information on how the horse went missing, stolen or rented and to whom it was rented as well as the location; and a list of concerns and images, registration papers, microchip registration, tattoo or gel mark or any scar or identifying mark.

Donations for horse care can be made directly to Oakdale Equine Rescue or the Sweet River Equine Clinic.