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The cats found in Niles’ deplorable house are doing well; animal rescue asking for donations

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – The Animal Welfare League was summoned to a house on Vienna Avenue on Friday. More than 20 cats ranging in age from a few months to 4 years old were found in the house.

The conditions were appalling. Officers said there was urine and animal feces inside and outside the house and a strong odor was coming from the house.

Despite these conditions, the cats all seem to be doing well.

“Fortunately, they were all doing pretty well. We have a couple that has skin infections and missing hair and things like that, but overall we didn’t have anyone who was, you know, dying or anything like that. So that was it, it was good, ”said Lori Shandor, Director of the Animal Welfare League.

Each cat will still need treatment to be ready for adoption.

The Animal Welfare League is asking for donations to help with these costs. You can either donate on their Facebook page, go online to their website or call them at 330-539-5300.

It may take a few weeks for these cats to be ready for relocation. If you are interested in adopting, you can find updated information with the Animal Welfare League online.

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