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Suburban animal shelter is overrun with rabbits

A suburban animal shelter asks the public for ideas on how to deal with “rabbit madness.”

In a plaintive Facebook post, DuPage County Animal Services said they were overwhelmed by large numbers of abandoned rabbits.

“Our host families are running out. Our doctor is tired. Our rescue partners are also full. And the rabbits continue to arrive,” the shelter said.

DuPage County Animal Services noted that shelters used to simply “euthanize overpopulation without the public bearing the burden of grief,” but they no longer do. In fact, they have only euthanized two rabbits (for medical reasons) out of the 209 they have received so far this year.

“Every day we get several calls, Facebook messages, emails and chats asking us to take rabbits,” said the shelter, located in Wheaton.

A rabbit who was dropped off on Monday arrived with three rabbits, has already been pregnant three times, and is likely pregnant at the moment. The owner said he was told the rabbit and its companion were both females, but clearly they weren’t.

“We’re just walking on water. Sterilize and sterilize. Get foster families. Get adopters. Rinse and repeat. But we need a next level solution to this new problem,” said the refuge.


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