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St Giles Animal Shelter sees an increase in the number of locked puppies

LIKE many other animal welfare charities, St Giles Animal Rescue in Wrantage is picking up the pieces following an increase in the number of people buying puppies during the pandemic.

More than half of St Giles’ dogs are two- to three-year-old puppies whose owners have gone back to work, leaving the pooches alone all day, leading to separation anxiety and destructive boredom.

Charity Trustee Mel Lambert said: “Unfortunately some owners then realized they didn’t have the time or understanding to help their pets rehabilitate and an increasing number are now ending up in recovery centres. rescue.

“Many of these dogs are unsocialized and have many behavioral issues, which makes them more difficult to adopt.

“They are spending more time in the shelter working through training and socialization programs to help them better prepare for a new family, all at an additional cost to the charity.

“There is the very real fear that this is the start of a major animal welfare crisis created by a significant increase in animal ownership during lockdown, which is now coming up against current cost of living pressures. .”

At the same time that more and more people are looking to give up their pets, St Giles has seen the slowdown in repatriation.

Mel added: “It tips the scales to a very worrying degree.

“Shelters are already struggling to accommodate the large number of animals needing help, as well as growing concern over numbers on lists just waiting for rescue space.”

If you can help St Giles by donating, visit the website at