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St Giles Animal Rescue has 5 Somerset dogs for adoption

It is estimated that around 130,000 dogs enter UK welfare organizations each year – could you give one of them a permanent home?

If you’re looking for a four-legged friend to join the family, you might consider giving one of these abandoned, displaced, or abused pets the love they desperately need.

Based in Wrantage, St Giles Animal Rescue is responsible for the care and care of 100 percent of the stray dogs in West Somerset, covering two areas of the council; Somerset West & Taunton and South Somerset.

In addition to the animals they take on this route, they also take care of cats and rescue dogs coming directly from families no longer able to take care of them and take the animals on behalf of the RSPCA South branch. East and South-West.

Here are some of the fanatics looking for a home this week.

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Animal Rescue” alt=”Somerset County Gazette: Zane is taken care of by St GIles Animal Rescue” class=”editor-image”/>Zane is taken care of by St GIles Animal Rescue

Raise: Doggy style
Age: 3 years

Zane is a greyhound who, due to his breed and large number of preys, will need to be muzzled during his walks.

He’s a sweet boy who enjoys human affection, plays in the garden, and licks squeezy cheese – especially if it’s on a tennis ball.

Zane will need someone with a relatively active lifestyle. He could potentially live with another dog after proper introductions and could live with children 12 and older.

Click here for more information on Zane and how to adopt him.


Somerset County Gazette: Kaia is currently being treated by St Giles Animal RescueKaia is currently in the care of St Giles Animal Rescue

Raise: Mastiff
Age: 1 year 4 months

Kaia is a sweet and energetic girl looking for a large, experienced family to help her slowly build her self-confidence and socialization.

Kaia enjoys playing with her toys and going out for walks or running unleaded.

She may be wary of new people at first and things may have to be taken slowly to begin with.

Kaia could live with an older male dog. She will need continuous training and would benefit from forging solid links with her master.

Click here for more information on Kaia and how to adopt her.

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Somerset County Gazette: Loga is taken care of by St Giles Animal RescueLoga is taken care of by St Giles Animal Rescue

Raise: Lurcher
Age: 7 months

Logan is a handsome, spirited young boy in search of his forever home. He came to St Giles as a wanderer, so unfortunately little is known about his past, including his exact age.

Since being at the center he has made good progress in his training and would like someone to put in the time and effort to continue.

Logan loves to sniff, enjoy the puzzle feeders and sniffle mats.

He could live with children aged 12 and up and potentially other dogs, pending appropriate encounters, but not small animals.

Logan needs someone with him most of the day.

Click here for more information on Logan and how to adopt him.


Somerset County Gazette: Trixie is treated at St Giles Animal RescueTrixie is treated at St Giles Animal Rescue

Raise: Mastiff (bull)
Age: 7 years

Trixie is a sweet girl who searches for her forever home.

We don’t know much about his past. Upon arrival, she was nervous but started to gain self-confidence.

She enjoys spending time with her human friends, enjoying treats and hugs.

She walks well on a leash and enjoys going for walks, but due to her age she is not overly active.

St Giles believes Trixie would be better suited as the sole pet in the house, but could live with sane children aged 16 and over.

Click here for more information on Trixie and how to adopt it.

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Somerset County Gazette: Buffy awaits relocation to St Giles Animal RescueBuffy is waiting to be relocated to St Giles Animal Rescue

Raise: Collie (border)
Age: 8 years 4 months

Buffy came to St Giles as a wanderer and is now looking for her for her forever home.

She is a rather shy girl who is afraid of the world. She will need a calm, patient and understanding home.

Her new owners may need to visit the center a few times to help her feel more comfortable and should be prepared to spend the time bonding and making sure she feels safe.

Buffy will need a quiet home without too many people, but could potentially live with an older, laid-back dog pending a suitable meeting and greetings, and older children.

Click here for more information on Buffy and how to adopt her.