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Pets of the Week at Burke County Animal Services | Local News

According to staff reports

Many dogs and cats are available for adoption through Burke County Animal Services.

Animal Services Shelter Technician Trinity Johnson wants all the animals at the shelter to find loving fur homes. These are the animals she has chosen to highlight this week.

This week’s dog of the week is Almond.

“Almond is a one-year-old brindle Staffordshire terrier,” Johnson said. “Almond is a very sweet and friendly dog, although it takes time for him to open up to new people.

“He loves sweets. Her favorite treats would have to be Pupperoni sticks! He loves chewing on toys and bones, but he’s very careful with his belongings, as he doesn’t want his bed and blanket to be ruined. Almond would like some visitors to come to the shelter to give him treats and take him for a walk. Please come meet Almond today.

All animals brought to animal services come from different backgrounds and are in different physical condition. Agency staff work to ensure that all animals are cared for while they are in the shelter and in preparation for adoption into their forever homes.

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This week’s Cats of the Week are related couple, Scamper and Lovey.

“Scamper is a white tabby, who is a 7-year-old neutered male, and Lovey is a 9-year-old black neutered male,” Johnson said. “Scamper and Lovey’s adoption fee was sponsored in the hope that they could be adopted together, which means there is no fee to adopt these adorable cats.

“These guys have been around other cats and even dogs all their lives, so they would do great in any home. They are super sweet and would even do well with children as they love attention.

In addition to this week’s pets, many dogs and cats are available for adoption through animal services.

Animal services try to accommodate as many animals as possible and with the help of foster home volunteers they are able to care for more animals.

There are different fees for people interested in adopting a dog or cat from animal services. The adoption fee for any adult dog or puppy is $125. The adoption fee for any adult cat or kitten is $90.

All animals are up to date on vaccines, flea control and deworming, in addition to being neutered and neutered.

The shelter also offers foster programs for members of the community to help shelter animals without having to make a lifetime commitment. Host families are only required to provide a copy of a valid ID with address and phone number and to sign their Host Family Agreement.

Foster care is free, and animal services provide all necessary supplies, including litter boxes, litter, and food, and the same goes for dogs, per agency policy. Crates are provided, if available. Foster parents are simply asked to transport the animal either to veterinary appointments or to the shelter for updated vaccinations and deworming.

For more information about Almond, Scamper, Lovey, or any other adoption or foster care questions, call Animal Services at 828-764-9588 or visit their website at Visit her Facebook page at Burke County Animal Services for more information on adoptable animals or upcoming adoption events.