Animal rescue

PAWS Animal Rescue Center in Todmorden is appealing for public help to save it from closure

The Pennine Animal Welfare Society, affectionately known as ‘PAWS’, have been told their owner wants them to move from their current site on Eastwood Road.

The Animal Rescue, which has been around since 2007, became a registered charity in 2014 and works within a 15-mile radius of Todmorden, helping to rescue, rehabilitate and rehoming cats and dogs into their new forever homes.

Susan Curran, director of the centre, who lives on the site and is at risk of losing her home, said: “I am completely numb after receiving the Section 25 notice.

Vinnie Johnstone with Eddie the kitten, Sue Curran with Tiger Lilly and Tray Morris with Elsa outside Pennie Animal Rescue.

“A month is barely enough time to pack everything up, let alone find another site, put the kennels and cattery back in place, and then the trauma of moving the animals around.

“I am afraid for the future of the association and I hope that the owner will give us more time to find a place.”

The directors have held an emergency meeting to discuss options, but unless the charity can find another suitable location to rent or buy, it may have to close.

The charity has been trying to raise money for some time to buy land and buildings and is appealing for help with a publicity campaign to raise funds.

Sue Curran, center of the Pennie Animal Welfare Society with Norman.

Volunteer Emily Rawlins said: “I have only just started volunteering with PAWS, but I have been truly moved by Sue’s commitment and dedication to animals.

“Many of them had a rough start in life and are just beginning to learn to trust people again, thanks to the hard work of Sue and her team of volunteers. It would be devastating if this were to end.

“Animals really deserve some security where they can continue the rehabilitation process and hopefully end up in their own homes.

“Everyone in Tod is familiar with PAWS, and many families in and around town have adopted a pet over the years.

“It would be a huge loss for the whole community if it were to close.”

Michele Way, chair of the trustees, said: ‘We have tried to engage the owner in discussion but he does not want to enter into negotiations.

“The administrators will do their best to ensure the continuity of the association, whatever form this may take.

“Our goal is to secure a long lease on some land and buildings or ideally we would like to buy somewhere and then we will have secured the future of salvage.

“We are seeking sponsorship from local people, businesses and if any landowners have about four acres of flat land with outbuildings that they can spare please contact us.” total animals.

Susan said: “The volunteers are all devastated, as are those who have had dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs from us.

“We have helped so many animals and in turn they have helped their new owners. Please can you help us now and stop the potential closure of our rescue.” can be done directly online at: more information call 07748 988242 or email [email protected]