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Pasco Animal Services is waiving adoption fees until the end of September

LAND O’ LAKES, Fla. — Pasco County Animal Services has waived adoption fees through the end of the month. Currently, the animal shelter has approximately 120 dogs and 30 cats on site.

All animals are sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped before adoption.

Pasco County Animal Services assistant director Spencer Conover said the shelter could be a stressful situation for some dogs and cats.

“Our admission numbers are actually lower than pre-COVID,” he said. “What we’re noticing is that with inflation and the economy, fewer people are adopting, fewer people are rescuing animals, so animals are leaving at a lower rate than they were before the pandemic. “

The objective of the refuge is to empty the kennels.

“When there are fewer animals here in the kennels, overall they get more individual attention,” Conover said. “They can be walked more often for dogs. They can get more enrichment for cats. So we’re seeing fewer animals getting sick.”

Conover said that before the pandemic, the shelter had seen fewer than 50 dogs on site.

Julie Salomone

“Even in 2021, early 2022, we were seeing between 70 and 100 dogs, and now that we’re creeping into that 100 dog brand and over 50 cat brands, we’re starting to see more than we can comfortably care for on place,” he continued. “Obviously we are never satisfied. We are always going to find positive results for our animals.”

Adoption fees are waived until the end of the month, but people must pay county license fees. Fees are $10 for dogs and $5 for cats.

For more information on pets available for adoption, visit their website.