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Parvo cases lead to closure of PETWORKS animal shelter for dogs | Appalachian Highlands

KINGSPORT — PETWORKS animal shelter is closed for dog drop-off, viewing and adoption due to a parvovirus outbreak, but the facility remains open for cats.

Tom Parham, chairman of the PETWORKS board of directors, said Saturday afternoon that the shelter at 3101 E. Stone Drive will be closed for and to dogs for about a week and has already been closed for almost a week. .

“When you have a case of parvo, it’s very contagious,” Parham noted. “We are open otherwise. We have cats.

Parham said the shelter has a quarantine area for new animals that has a separate heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to help prevent the spread of parvo and other illnesses.

Donna Davidson, the shelter’s office manager, could not be reached for comment on Saturday afternoon.

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Parham pointed out that during parvo outbreaks and other incidents that affect the operation of the shelter, including a January closure due to human cases of COVID-19, the Kingsport shelter is cooperating and working with the county animal shelter. of Sullivan in Blountville, which operates separately from PETWORKS.

“We help each other out,” Parham said, adding that each shelter will refer people to the other when they can’t provide adoption services or allow pet drop-offs.

PETWORKS is funded and operated by the Town of Kingsport.

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