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Orange County Animal Services Lowers Adoption Fees to Combat Overcrowding

William LeBron’s family adopted two cats from Orange County Animal Services. The shelter hopes more people will follow suit after issuing an overcrowding alert.

“Cats, dogs, any of those animals in cages, they just need a family to play with,” said Bryant Almeida of Orange County Animal Services. “We still have just under 300 animals in our care. Around 200 dogs and just under 100 cats.”

He says cages that typically hold two animals are now keeping three or more as they see an increase in owners abandoning their pets for all sorts of reasons.

“Allergies, moving, divorces,” he said.

Because space is limited, the shelter now offers free adoptions.

“We have waived fees for ready-to-go animals, meaning animals that have already been fished and neutered, microchipped, vaccinated,” Almeida said.

Animal Services also offers a Sleepover program that allows people to bring an animal home for a trial period of up to two weeks. This gives the shelter time to free up space and allows families to see if the animal is suitable.

“It’s awesome. A lot of people can come. I actually hope a lot more people know about it,” LeBron said.

For more information, visit the Orange County Animal Services website.