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Nanaimo SPCA Prioritizes Animal Welfare With Shelter Space Available During Peak Season | NanaimoNews NOW

However, there are times when the SPCA may ask someone if they can keep the animal.

“Cats are definitely the first thing that comes into play. The owner surrenders, so people who can’t keep their cat for some reason anymore, this is the one where sometimes we have to say to people, ‘we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. as there is room ‘.

Stray animals are also a priority, with injured or sick felines accepted first for one of the 26 spots available at the Nanaimo SPCA.

He says the capacity of shelters changes daily and is based on a number of factors such as adoptions made that day, owners showing up to claim their stray animal, or some may be transferred to neighboring SPCAs.

SPCA branch staff may also reserve priority space for animals returned during a cruelty investigation or hoarding situation.

Davis said they also rely heavily on their foster program to stay under capacity, and more foster homes are still needed.

“Especially during COVID, because the more animals we have in the branch, the more people we need in the branch to take care of them, and we try to manage that to keep our people safe.”

Foster homes also have the added benefit of being able to see their personality and how well the animal socializes with others, which increases their chances of being adopted.

The Nanaimo & District SPCA welcomes approximately 700 to 800 cats per year.

Davis said local charities such as the CatNap Society, which primarily deal with feral and semi-feral cats, are helping to ease the load.

He said the recently enacted Animal Liability Regulations go a long way in reuniting cats with their owners, for example by requiring cats to have ID, mandatory sterilization for outdoor cats and upgrading of cats. sections to reflect current best practices in standard care.

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