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MYR: Virtual Reality Improves Pre-Construction Decisions On Animal Shelter Project

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Virtual reality (VR) and building information modeling (BIM) have enabled MYR group subsidiary Sturgeon Electric to make real-time pre-construction decisions for the Riverdale Animal Shelter Project.

The shelter was Sturgeon Electric’s first project to use virtual reality to visit the different spaces and visualize the functionality of the proposed switch and socket locations. Instead of reading drawings and blueprints, animal shelter staff used a VR headset to “walk” through the operating space and examination rooms to visualize where switches and outlets would be located and what equipment they were using. would serve. This allowed Sturgeon Electric to move devices to better serve the end user and refresh VR in minutes to show the changes.

Investing in cutting edge resources such as virtual reality helps our teams to work more efficiently in the pre-construction phase. VR technology in construction enables collaboration without having to meet on site multiple times throughout the planning stages. The VR environment also improves transparency during the construction process by virtually showing what each team will be doing in the field.

By improving visualization and streamlining collaboration, virtual reality helps our construction teams create unique and personalized project-specific solutions. The result is a more profitable and satisfying experience for both the client and our project teams.

Watch Sturgeon Electric and the shelter staff demonstrate how they used VR in this video, which Riverdale Animal Shelter posted on their social media channel:

The shelter opened at the end of last year and houses kennels, operating theaters, community spaces and administrative offices – all requiring electrical power and adequate lighting for essential equipment needed for animal care. . The Sturgeon Electric team was responsible for installing all electrical aspects of the building, including lighting, telecommunications facilities, security and the fire alarm system. It was important for our teams to take a virtual tour of the space to understand how the electricity would be arranged and used.

The facility is a partner of more than 40 animal shelters and provides respite to more than 6,000 animals. The Sturgeon Electric team are proud to have been part of the construction of this beautiful space which provides the vital resources and personnel to care for animals that would otherwise have no chance.

Watch the video to see the installation.


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