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Mississauga Animal Services rescues baby beaver separated from family

By Liam McConnell

Published on June 3, 2022 at 8:20 p.m.

Animal services found her little runaway separated from her family in Mississauga.

A Mississauga wildlife rescue will have an unusual guest for a short time after a lone baby beaver is discovered in the city.

The cub was found separated from its family, the most important element in a beaver’s life. In the wild, a pair of mated beavers live in lodges built with their babies and the babies of the previous year.

Beavers mate in January and February with a gestation period of about three months. That would put the little guy found in Mississauga around three or four months old.

The family or colony bonds closely through mutual grooming and playful fighting. The mother most often gives birth to up to four litters and provides most of a baby beaver’s first aid while the father patrols his territory.

The mother beaver maintains the vein, cleans the bedding of the little ones and brings them food. Babies (kits) breastfeed for up to three months, but can eat solid foods after about a week.

Beaver kits eventually emerge from the lodge to explore, but usually stay with an adult often clinging to their tails. After about a year, the kits will also start building dams and huts. Usually, at the end of their first winter, beavers come out to build their own lodge around the age of two.

The youngster ends up in Mississauga much younger. Although Animal Services did not give a reason why he was separated or where he was found, it is unusual for them to wonder so far away at such a young age.

The Mississauga wandering beaver will stay at a local wildlife rehabilitation center until he is old enough to go on his own, but again Animal Services did not specify where.

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