Animal services

Midland Animal Services demands more workers and better pay

Animal Services provided an update on their services provided while asking for an increase in staff and salary.

MIDLAND, Texas — Prior to Tuesday morning’s meeting, the Midland City Council met with Midland Animal Services for an update on their services provided.

Addressing the Council, Director of Animal Services Ty Coleman told the Council that the shelter was starting to see more and more pets at the shelter.

He also called for a staff increase as well as a pay raise while hoping city ordinances would be changed to allow for mandatory microchipping.

“Yeah, we’re more or less trying to inform the board of the needs of the shelter, we definitely need more staff, a salary increase as well,” Coleman said. “We are also considering revising some of the city’s ordinances to implement a mandatory microchipping and neutering and neutering order to help reduce the number of animals entering the shelter.

The increased staff would allow more animals to be inside the shelter while the cages and dishes would take less time to clean.

“With more staff, we could provide more quality animal care, we could assess the needs of sick animals while also focusing on transferring animals out of state, to reduce the rate of euthanasia. “, said Coleman.

Area animal shelters have been filling up with animals over the past year. More and more people have returned to working in person rather than remotely and many say they no longer have time to care for their pets.

“Also inflation, dog food prices have gone up. The average bag per large dog is $60, so people can’t afford to care for a pet right now,” Coleman said. .

City council members congratulated Coleman on the update and said they will update him soon on what the city can provide for the shelter.