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Metro animal welfare group of many honoring Betty White – 95.5 WSB

Who didn’t like Betty White? She was in show business for over eighty years and during that time a big fan of animals.

Following her death before her 100th birthday, social media came up with the Betty White Challenge. The goal is to honor White and his work by donating five dollars or more to a local animal charity.

Samantha Shelton, founder and CEO of Alpharetta-based Furkids, told WSB their organization has been overwhelmed with a positive response and is taking that enthusiasm and running with it.

“From what I’ve seen so far, everyone is joining us and are so happy to give to save the animals Betty cared about. What a great opportunity to bring people together to help local animal shelters, ”said Shelton.

She says White would have loved this campaign which could help animals in need.

“What a great thing she has done with her life to help animals in need and we feel so honored that she has obviously championed a cause that we are very passionate about at Furkids,” said Shelton.

Shelton says the donations keep these organizations open and help more animals in need.

“Obviously you need the funding to be able to go out and save lives. Many of the animals that Furkids bring are some of the more difficult trauma cases. We intentionally take animals out of animal control that are injured, that are sick, ”Shelton said.

“We all need funding. Animal causes are really at the bottom of the donation list and that’s why we appreciate what Betty White has chosen to do with her life, to be a voice for the voiceless, ”Shelton said.

So, will five dollars really make a difference?

“Five dollars will cover a vaccine. Twenty dollars will cover a combined test for a cat or a heartworm test for a dog. Go up to fifty, now you are spaying or spaying an animal. One hundred dollars allows us to bring in an animal from animal control and do all of its testing, ”Shelton said.

Shelton says the more people give, the more lives they can save.

Betty White would have turned 100 on January 17.

“We just really wanted to honor Betty White. We are so grateful for the great voice she gave to the voiceless. You know, she’s probably one of the most renowned celebrities and an animal welfare champion, ”Shelton said.

You can donate to any local animal organization. If you would like to donate to Furkids, go to their page here.

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