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Memphis Animal Services Needs Foster Families to Save Our Furry Friends – FOX13 News Memphis

WATCH: Memphis Animal Services needs foster families to save our furry friends WATCH: Memphis Animal Services needs foster families to save our furry friends

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hear animal lovers: Memphis Animal Services (MAS) needs your help!

Authorities desperately need more people to take in cats and dogs.

PHOTOS: Memphis Tigers Football takes part in MAS’ Foster Field Trip

MAS leaders said fostering saves lives and is essential for animal shelters. That’s why they organized an open day during the weekend so that potential foster parents could get more information.

Inside the boxes of the MAS, you will find the faces of dozens of cats and dogs.

Some are playful and vocal, and others are quiet and shy. But they all need a home.

“We know that Memphis wants to live in a city where cats and dogs don’t die for lack of space, and if we want that, we all have to get involved, and fostering is a way for most of them to be. ‘between us to do it,’ Katie Pemberton said with MAS.

Pemberton said all adoptive pet parents receive free food, bedding and other supplies. She said there were many ways to help.

“You can take a dog on an afternoon foster trip, you can foster for a week for transportation, or you can foster until adopted with our foster program general,” she said.

Even the Memphis Tigers football team is getting involved.

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The players took the dogs for a “foster field trip” on Saturday.

But Pemberton said they still needed more people to respond. She said it played a part in saving the life of a cat or a dog.

“It just provides a huge service to both this animal and the other animals in our shelter. It opens up a kennel, it helps us learn important information about them, and it helps them get adopted,” she said.

If you are interested in foster care or adoption, you can contact MAS at (901) 636-1416 or [email protected]