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Marion County Animal Services installs new plastic kennels

MARION COUNTY, Fla – Marion County Animal Services in Ocala is making improvements to its animal service center by installing new kennels as part of a $ 250,000 project.

What would you like to know

  • Marion County Animal Services to replace wire chain kennels
  • The center accommodates up to 200 dogs
  • Plastic kennels will be more humane for dogs, center workers say

They replace metal wire kennels with plastic kennels. The center accommodates up to 200 dogs.

So far, two of the new plastic kennels have been installed. Dog technician Wendy Crowley said it provided a safer environment.

“Chain links can rust and when they jump on them they can get spurs in their paws, some dogs get so excited they chew on them and tear their gums apart,” Crowley said.

COO Stephanie Kash is very excited about the new changes.

In addition to replacing the metal kennels, they will also seal the floors of the kennels and catwalks in the dog adoption area. All of these factors, Kash hopes, will help dogs find permanent homes.

“With calmer animals you have a more adoptable pet, you are more likely to find a forever home,” Kash said.

The project is expected to be completed by 2023.

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