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Margaret Green Animal Rescue is rehoming some of the 96 dogs on the puppy farm

CHARITY workers in Dorset described the scenes as ‘some of the worst they have witnessed’ after being called out to rescue dogs from a puppy farm.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue housed some of the 96 dogs who were recovered from a property in Torquay, Devon.

It happened after the charity was notified by the RSPCA that a property contained a large number of dogs in need of assistance.

Upon arrival, charity workers along with others from animal welfare establishments discovered a scene described as the worst they had seen in decades.

A total of 96 visibly shaken Shih-Tzu dogs were found, with the youngest less than two weeks old, while many females were pregnant.

Such was the contempt for the dogs, much of their fur had become matted and they were all riddled with faeces, worms, fleas and urine while one dog, Edwina, suffered a ruptured eye ulcer which unfortunately resulted in the removal of the eye.
Many of the dogs also had respiratory problems.

Rescue team fundraising manager Lucy Hooper told the Echo: ‘The RSPCA asked for our help and we managed to help get 96 out. The condition was the worst we have ever had. seen for decades.

“We didn’t have a lot of space for dogs back then, but we would never leave dogs in these conditions.

“They are very traumatised, when I visited them I just saw three pairs of eyes looking over a dog bed, shaking. But physically they are better than I expected. ”

The Margaret Green Animal Rescue team managed to take 25 of the dogs while the rest were rescued and transferred to other rescue centers in the South West.

The group of 25 was then split in two, with some of the dogs being housed at their rescue center near Blandford while the others went to another home in Devon.

Despite their horrible start to life, after careful care and much-needed attention, it looks like the dogs are on the mend.

“What has been really nice and rewarding for the staff is that the dogs who were terrified now choose to come and sit on our laps. It’s just nice to see,” Lucy said.

An RSPA statement said: “RSPCA rescue teams have worked with the owner to help over 90 dogs.

“Thanks to the dedication and kindness of a number of animal rescue centers, dogs now receive the care and attention of dedicated staff and volunteers, and once they are ready, they will be relocated.

“The animal welfare charity has seen an increase in the number of rescued animals being cared for, with many of our centers already full and others nearing capacity.

“At the same time, rehousing is slowing and there are signs that more and more people are looking to give up their pets.”
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