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Lubbock Animal Services in high season, offering free adoptions all month

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) — It’s peak season for Lubbock Animal Services, so they’re offering free adoptions all month long to help clean up the shelter.

Capacity is around 400 animals, more than double what director Steven Greene says he prefers, to give each animal the best care.

“It happens where you have less time in the day to really take care of the animals the way you want them to. They still get really good treatment, but you just have to spend a little less time on each pen or each animal, and that’s what we’re trying to avoid,” Greene said.

LAS has picked up 34 animals from the field since Monday. The shelter was closed for the holidays, but 19 animals were brought in on Tuesday. Greene says intakes are up nationwide. The July 4 holiday plays a part in that, but Greene says the department is also busy every summer. Last month, LAS took the most animals it had taken all year.

“There are animals that come out at this time of year because of the fireworks, they are scared and run away from home. Also, it’s just more crowded, so you see more animals roaming free, and so they’re more likely to pick them up. You have families in parks who may see a dog that’s near their home, but they miss it and so they bring it in,” Greene said.

Greene says field operators are very busy right now. In addition to picking up animals, they handle bite and cruelty investigations, barking complaints, and dead animal pick-up.

“So they have a big workload. Right now they work eight-hour shifts, but I don’t know of any who have been off eight hours at a time in the past few weeks. They worked a lot of overtime,” Greene said.

LAS picked up three animals for agency helpers this week. These can include when families are displaced due to fire, have to go to hospital, or when they get in trouble with the law, which tends to happen during the holidays.

“You have more people going out and more people taking their pets with them to events, and if they’re a little intoxicated and have to sleep in the counties, then their dogs can sleep here,” Greene said. .

If you find an animal loose, LAS will scan it for a microchip, but Greene asks you to keep it until they can set up an appointment. These are booked for the next two weeks. He recommends posting on Facebook and canvassing the neighborhood where you found the animal to see if you can find its owners.

If you want to help clean up the shelter, adoptions are free all month.

“We’re celebrating freedom, so what’s better than a free adoption and bringing a furry little friend home with you?” said Greene.

General information about adopting pets is available on the LAS website here. LAS is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 3323 Southeast Loop 289.

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