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Lubbock Animal Services Hopes to Find Homes for Black Shelter Dogs on National Black Dog Day | KLBK | KAMC

LUBBOCK, Texas – October 1 is National Black Dog Day, and adoption fees at Lubbock Animal Services are covered this Friday between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and Saturday between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. for KLBK’s annual backup. an Adopt-A-Thon pet.

Megan Schroll, deputy director of Lubbock Animal Services, said the shelter has many black dogs in need of a home.

“They’re sort of going back into the shadows of the kennel,” Schroll said. From his understanding, black dogs in movies and TV shows are sometimes portrayed as violent, which fuels negative perceptions.

“Black dog syndrome” is a cultural phenomenon in which black dogs are neglected in favor of lighter colored dogs, according to Angelica Lucero, head of animal safety at LAS.

“Additionally, black is considered an evil color,” Lucero said.

Lucero hoped people would give black shelter dogs a chance, saying, “We have a lot of dogs that are solid black, and they are the sweetest dogs ever.”

LAS said he also had “super rough and rowdy dogs who like to get in the dirt, play chase and tag”.

Elisabeth Geier, writer for Rover and animal advocate, said black dogs could be overlooked in the shelter:

  • They don’t stick in poorly lit shelters,
  • They are difficult to photograph, which makes online adoption profiles less attractive,
  • Dark faces make it harder to read facial expressions, and people often seek emotional connections when looking for their future hairy-legged family members,
  • Dark hair can appear on furniture if they lose, and
  • Black dogs are sometimes associated to darkness and bad omens in popular culture.

“They look generic. People want cute and fluffy, ”said Schroll.

Lubbock Animal Services sees a lot of these attitudes, Schroll said.

“[Which is] really disheartening because we have amazing dogs out there and people just lose their looks, not their personality, ”she explained.

For those wishing to adopt during this year’s Save a Pet Adopt-a-Thon, LAS is located at 3323 SE Loop 289.

Lubbock Animal Services has at least 22 black dogs available for adoption. On Friday, none of them had yet to apply for adoption.

RR = Rough, rowdy

GD = Soft, Delicate

IPY = Need a house without other animals

Starting with the black puppy who has been at LAS the longest… Rayah, 8 years old. She has been at the shelter for four months and is gentle and delicate. She prefers air conditioning to outdoor play, but has her play moments. She is possibly the fattest of all the black puppies in LAS. A staff member called it a potato.

Remus is the second longest staying black dog. He has been at the shelter for 15 weeks. He is described as gentle and loyal. He is “super sweet” when he takes treats, according to his papers. He gets along with other dogs.

Brother and Mindy have been at the shelter for 13 weeks.

Brother, that’s right, can play hard, but he’s getting nervous. He is described as goofy, outgoing, playful, gentle and energetic.

Mindy is “fast,” according to her papers. She loves to run. Mindy is clumsy, adventurous, outgoing and gentle. She’s vocal to cars, but has her sweet moments.

Robin came to the shelter three months ago. She is described as clumsy, adventurous, outgoing, playful and energetic.

Johnny arrived at the shelter three months ago. Staff said he was “a very good boy, but needed an understanding family.” He’s goofy, gentle, energetic, outgoing, and playful. Johnny is also shy at first.

Bates, left, is about seven months old. He is new to the shelter, formerly roaming, and is a Terrier, Pit Bull / mix. His ears… are awesome.

Ruthie arrived at the shelter last month. She was a wanderer and is one year old. She weighs 48 pounds.

Heather, left, is a seven month old retriever mix. She arrived last month as a stray and is described as “super nice, just scared”. She likes to growl and pretend she’s intimidating.

James is a two year old Labrador / Retriever Mix. He was abandoned at his home and taken to the shelter last month. He is very gentle, but shy, and will need a patient family.

Miller came to the shelter in September. He falls into the “rough / rowdy” category, but he also needs a home without other pets. He is clumsy, outgoing, playful, vocal and intelligent.

Mishae arrived less than a month ago. She may need a home without other pets. She is clumsy, cuddly, gentle, energetic, outgoing and playful.

Andy is about three years old. She is a Retriever / Mix and visited last month.

Hopper has been at the shelter for a few months. This puppy is described as sweet, outgoing and energetic. Staff say Hopper likes to get all the attention and would love a single dog house.

Buzz is a Terrier / American Pit Bull / Mix. He visited in September and is four years old,

Bo is eight months old and returned in September. He is Terrier, American Pit Bull / Mix. He will do well in a household with only one pet.

Allyson arrived at the shelter a few months ago. She is clumsy, outgoing, playful and energetic.

Caitlyn, up front, is three years old and was a stray when she arrived in August. She is a Terrier / Mix.

Frodo is awkward, outgoing, cuddly, playful, and energetic.

Spade is outgoing, gentle, energetic and playful, and has been at the shelter for the past few months. Spade will do well in a one-pet household. She glances aside …

Last but not the least, Trouble. Trouble arrived at the shelter last month and is awkward, adventurous, playful, gentle, and energetic.

Contact Lubbock Animal Services for more information on these puppies.

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