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Loving farewell to 35-year-old Shetland pony Puddy, the longest-serving resident of the National Animal Welfare Trust


A Great Shefford-based charity has said ‘goodbye’ to a much loved member of the center.

National Animal Welfare Trust Director Tracy Waldron announced the passing of Patience, affectionately known as Puddy, today (Wednesday) on social media.

She said: “Working in the rescue is always a roller coaster of emotions and this week is no exception.

Puddy NAWT

“On Monday we celebrated the success of our first event in two years… today we face a day that neither of us ever wanted to face, even though we all knew in our hearts that it was coming.

“Today we had to say a sad farewell to ‘Patience’ aka Puddy, our Shetlander, the association’s oldest resident, who has turned 35.

“Patience came to us in 2003 and became everyone’s favorite, it soon became clear that her name didn’t really describe her, so we called her Puddy because it seemed to suit her better. Puddy was a real one. little madam, she was shameless, she knew what she wanted and when she wanted it and she was far from being patient.

Puddy NAWT
Puddy NAWT

“Puddy had many health issues but that never let her stop enjoying life and leading us around, she was often seen in the stable yard due to her laminitis, busy pushing a candy ball, when the ball was empty, we all knew it.

“Staff and visitors of all ages loved Puddy so she never lacked attention and admirers. For her age she was amazing.

“Over the past week, Puddy had stopped eating and we couldn’t get her to take her meds, we tried everything and on the advice of the vets, we reluctantly decided to let her sleep this last time with dignity, surrounded by those who cared for her. “

Cy Grove, NAWT Fundraiser, added: “Puddy was a shining example that we will continue to help any animal for as long as it needs us and it is the support of the community that allows us to do that.

Puddy NAWT
Puddy NAWT

“We would like to invite those who loved him to donate on his behalf to help his friends at Trindledown Farm as well as those who will need help in the future.

“We thank everyone for helping us take care of Puddy and allowing us to give her the most comfortable life she deserved.

“There will never be another Puddy again, that’s why we’ll be putting a plaque on his stable now known as Puddy’s Stable, so everyone can remember it. ‘her for many years to come.

“Sleep well Puddy, you were loved so much, thank you for all these memories because they will always make us smile.”

Puddy NAWT
Puddy NAWT

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