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Lim Chu Kang Animal Welfare Groups are looking for foster families as soon as possible as they have to vacate the premises

Lim Chu Kang Animal Welfare Groups Urgently Need Foster Families Ahead of August 28 Leave Deadline

Time is running out for some Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs) in Lim Chu Kang as they will soon have to vacate their premises once their leases expire.

Despite being allocated units at The Animal Lodge (TAL) ahead of their deadline tomorrow (August 28), some AWGs have expressed concern that these units are not in condition to house the animals. rescued in their custody.

Source: F7-Friends of Seven on Facebook

Some of these AWGs have since taken to social media to ask experienced foster families to foster the animals before the deadline.

Lim Chu Kang kennel laments impending vacation

F7-Friends of Seven is a kennel along Lim Chu Kang Lane 1 that deals with rescues.

However, the inhabitants of the center face immense stress, before Sunday (28 August), when they have to leave their premises.

In a Facebook post Friday, Aug. 26, the kennel said it had managed to find foster homes for three of the farm dogs after searching high and low.

Source: @f7homekennel on Instagram

Among those who have yet to secure a home are three dogs with “serious temperament issues” who would need specific arrangements for safety reasons.

F7 also said it received an offer for a TAL unit on Monday August 22. However, they found it unsuitable for housing dogs due to the lack of security fencing.

TAL units are apparently also subject to further approval, presumably by the authorities.

Although the kennel has managed to “secure” a house, they apparently cannot receive keys to the unit until next Thursday (September 1) – four days past the deadline.

The Cat Collective Shares Similar Comments About Replacement Units

Purely Meow Cat Adoptions, a collective focused on rescuing and rehoming abandoned cats, highlighted similar issues with their TAL units.

According to them, some of the AWGs only received keys to their units this week.

Likewise, their units allegedly lack adequate furniture and need to be renovated before the rescue animals can move in.

Shocked by the developments, the administrator questioned the communication between government agencies which they believe has led to the current messy situation.

As the deadline to leave the Lim Chu Kang space approaches, Purely Meow Cat Adoptions is looking for experienced foster families to foster a cat or two.

Source: Purely Meow Cat Adoptions on Facebook

The group admin said MS News that many of these felines have had their fair share of traumatic experiences and are extremely temperamental.

As such, prospective foster parents must be confident in their management and rehabilitation. Host families must be able to devote a lot of time, patience and love.

Those confident in the task can contact Purely Meow Cat Adoptions through their Facebook page here.

Land in Lim Chu Kang to be converted into army training ground

The authorities first announced their intention to take over the land plots in Lim Chu Kang in September 2014.

In a bid to convert the space into army training grounds, 62 farms in the area have been given evacuation notices.

The takeover was not immediate as tenants had the option of renewing their leases, only having to move out between 2017 and 2021.

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), the farms north of Lim Chu Kang Lanes 3 and 5 even received a 14-month extension in September 2021. This would mean they have until February 2023 to vacate their locations.

Those south of the two roads, however, were not so lucky. They would have only had until around July 2022 to vacate the premises, as redevelopment of their area was due to begin earlier.

Although government agencies granted extensions, there was apparently an urgent need to start work quickly.

Therefore, they advised tenants to make full use of their remaining time to execute their transition plans.

MS News has contacted the agencies in question for comment. We will update the article accordingly once they are back.

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Featured image adapted from F7-Friends of Seven on Facebook and The Catographer Singapore via Purely Meow Cat Adoptions on Facebook.