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LA Animal Services partners with PetSpace to improve shelter conditions

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles Animal Services today announced its partnership with Wallis Annenberg PetSpace to help address the persistent problem of overcrowding and general animal welfare in shelters across the city.

PetSpace, a community space that includes an interactive place for pet adoptions, will fund two canine enrichment coordinator positions within animal services as part of a one-year pilot program. It will also host weekly neutering and neutering surgeries for six months.

Wallis Annenberg, president of the Annenberg Foundation and founder of Petspace, said in a statement that she was heartbroken to learn of the conditions at the city’s shelters. Animal services officials have blamed insufficient staffing levels for problems including dogs living in overcrowded conditions while sometimes going weeks or months without being walked.

“I want to help be part of the solution, long term,” Annenberg said.

Coordinators will help create a structured program across the city’s six facilities to ensure the dogs are out daily. They will also help maintain enrichment and training protocols for the animals.

Positions will be funded for one year and will be evaluated based on reduced kennel stress and the number of pet adoptions from city shelters.

— City News Service