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‘Killing shelters have existed in Malta since animal welfare was introduced,’ NGO claims in revealing article

A Maltese NGO working with stray animals has made a number of serious allegations about the animal sector on the islands in a post that has animal volunteers worried.

“Long message ahead”, warns the NGO Kitty Guardians For Strays before revealing a number of ongoing problems on the island – chief among them the so-called “killing shelters” or otherwise animals healthy are sent to be put to sleep when not needed. be.

“Killing shelters don’t technically exist, but the practice has continued for most of the time Animal Welfare was established,” he said. “Many have lost their lives for a simple injury or needed recovery costing upwards of €50,” he continued, referring to a supposed cost threshold that decides an animal’s fate.

The NGO went on to say that “newborn babies and sick kittens are microchipped and vaccinated” which puts them at unnecessary risk – something it called “simple nonsense, unheard of and unprofessional”.

Standard protocol means that any animal that goes through the AW treatment must be microchipped and vaccinated. However, with kitten survival rates generally low – cats often overproduce to ensure the survival of the species – animal activists have balked at the approach.

It all came to a head when the NGO took a stand and urged trappers, foster families, shelters and sanctuaries to stop sending animals to AW.

Although packed, the NGO could not bear to send more animals for possible euthanasia.

“We were and still are packed and couldn’t take any more innocent kittens onto the streets, but the cases never stopped coming in daily.”

The NGO called on the public to understand that the shelter will not be able to accommodate all the stray animals reported as they struggle to find resources.

“Keep in mind that we are doing all this voluntarily without touching a penny”, he said. “We have a life, just like you – even if ours is miserable, we still have work to do, a family to care for and a house full of pets that need our utmost attention.

Claiming that he spends thousands of dollars a week on rescues, he pledged to continue dedicating their lives to saving stray animals in Malta.

“I want nothing else in my lifetime, not wealth or fame but rather to print a legacy of my time and the next. I have sold all my precious earthly possessions in order to feed, sterilize, save and care for animals wanderers in need… I have nothing left to fall back on, so in desperate situations like these, your support is greatly appreciated.

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(Miriam Borg Debrincat)

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