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Kern County Animal Services Improves Community Animal Welfare | Bakersfield life

Kern County is full of departments dedicated to the needs of our residents. However, there is one department in particular that improves the quality of life not only for people, but also for the four-legged friends in our community.

Kern County Animal Services plays a pivotal role in providing first-class resources in support of our region’s animal welfare. From free spaying events to pet vaccination clinics, Animal Services ensures that our local pets and their owners have access to a variety of essential services.

While Kern County has two vibrant shelters, one in Bakersfield and the other in Lake Isabella, Animal Services‘ goal is to completely keep pets out of its shelters. The department has significantly increased our community’s adoption and fostering resources, most recently partnering with the online adoption platform Adopt a Pet. Animal Services also uses other important strategies to promote local animals available for adoption, ranging from recurring television segments to social media.

This year alone, over 900 pets have been adopted and 123 lost pets have been returned to their owners. Animal Services strives to minimize the loss of pets by providing microchip services and online pet licensing, which incorporates a 24/7 lost animal service. Coupled with Through ongoing community outreach and thorough education, the department strives to provide pet owners with the resources necessary to keep their pets safe.

In 2021, Animal Services rescued nearly 450 pets with the help of its rescue partners. This achievement is the result of years of dedication to saving as many animals as possible. In 2020, Animal Services achieved no-slaughter status, saving more than 90% of the animals that entered its shelters. Additionally, the department has spayed and released more than 15,700 feral cats since the program began in 2013.

Whether you have a heart for pets, service, or admire their commitment to innovation, Animal Services has many ways to get involved with its organization, which relies heavily on the exceptional work of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, foster, adopt or donate, please visit the Animal Services website at

Ally Soper is Kern County’s director of communications. The opinions expressed here are his own.