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IndyHumane Appoints New Texas Animal Welfare Group CEO – Indianapolis Business Journal

IndyHumane, an animal welfare nonprofit, has named a new CEO four months after its former leader left without explanation.

Donna Casamento

Donna Casamento, recently executive director of the Palm Valley Animal Society in McAllen, Texas, is set to take the helm of IndyHumane on August 1, the group’s board of directors announced Monday.

“I am thrilled to join IndyHumane,” Casamento said in a press release. “I am overwhelmed by the passion of the IndyHumane team and their commitment to the animals they serve. I look forward to working with this incredible team to achieve our goals for many years to come.

Chief financial officer Jennifer Bedsole has served as interim CEO since the March departure of former chief executive David Horth. At the time, IndyHumane did not provide a reason for the change or say whether Horth quit or was fired.

Horth was named interim CEO in mid-2018 and CEO later that year. He had previously held various volunteer positions for the group for almost 17 years and served as chairman of its board of directors from 2007 to 2008.

He was IndyHumane’s second consecutive general manager to leave under mysterious circumstances. His predecessor, Steve Stolen, held the role for just over a year before losing his job in July 2018. IndyHumane also didn’t give a reason for his departure, but Stolen told IBJ at the time he was fired.

Officially known as the Humane Society of Indianapolis, IndyHumane provides shelter for homeless dogs and cats, as well as adoption, fostering, and behavior training services. It also provides low-cost healthcare services for pets, including vaccines and neutering services.

According to the latest figures available, IndyHumane had revenues of $9.23 million in 2020 and expenses of $7.4 million. Horth earned $152,635 in compensation that year.

“We are very excited to have Donna join IndyHumane,” Todd McCullough, vice chairman of the board, said in a press release. “With over two decades of animal welfare experience, we know she is going to have a big impact in our community.”