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Huntsville Animal Services Hosts Spooktacular Adoption Campaign for Shelter Dogs

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – Huntsville Animal Services is running a “spooky” adoption campaign for several shelter dogs on Monday, October 18.

In association with the Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission (HHPC), the third annual campaign will aim to find four shelter dogs, Paco, Reno, Isabel and Casey, their forever homes.

“We want to encourage people to consider adopting pets, fostering and volunteering to make a difference in the lives of these dogs,” said Karen Buchan, Animal Care Supervisor at HAS . “The dogs are so happy to be outside the shelter for a little while that they don’t even mind wearing the costumes.”

The four puppies even took part in a spooky photoshoot last week to raise awareness!

“We always have a great time partnering with Huntsville Animal Services to help find loving homes for dogs from local shelters while celebrating Huntsville History Month,” said Katie Stamps, Huntsville Preservation Planner .

The shelter submitted biographies for each dog featured in the campaign:

  • Paco the pirate is a playful, sterilized 50-pound bully-type breed who loves to play and chew their bone or ball while you watch TV. He behaves well, is home and cage trained, and continues to learn social skills, so a house without children or other pets would be best.
  • Reno, pictured with HAS program coordinator Stacey Nunnally is a mix of 1.5 year old sheepdogs and medium sized dogs. When he arrived at the shelter he was covered in wounds and missing hair, but with a lot of love and care his coat is coming back well! Reno is great with everyone, other dogs, adults and kids included.
  • Isabelle, pictured with the stamps of preservation planner Katie could be disguised as a cat in a hat, but she’s also a pretty playful dog! Isabel is seven years old, 60 pounds and is sterilized. She seeks a home where she can be the center of attention and loves other dogs, and has good manners when greeting her canine companions on a leash.
  • Casey, dressed for Halloween festivities as a bumblebee is a neutered female with a laid back demeanor. She loves affection and definitely wants to be a couch / bed friend! Her puppy energy may be behind her, but Casey will always make a wonderful family dog!

All of the animals listed above will be featured on social media for Huntsville Animal Services on October 18th. They can be visited in person at the shelter, located at 4950 Triana Blvd. or by calling 256-883-3781.

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