Animal rescue

HSCO joins hurricane animal rescue efforts

The Humane Society of Central Oregon (HSCO) joined animal rescue efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Florida. On Sunday, October 9, an emergency airlift transported 181 animals from Florida to the West Coast to make way for the influx of animals following the hurricane.

The HSCO team met the plane in Hillsboro, Oregon on Sunday to pick up fourteen cats who needed a safe place to land and a new home. After a fourteen-hour trip from the Charlotte County Animal Welfare League in Port Charlotte, Fla., to Bend, the cats settled into comfortable kennels and received the necessary veterinary care to prepare them for adoption.

The homeless shelter cats were in the Florida shelter before Hurricane Ian. This rescue flight is creating space for shelters in areas devastated by Hurricane Ian to accommodate the influx of animals due to the storm. This flight allows shelters to receive rescued animals who will hopefully be reunited with their families.

“Some of the cats are available for adoption now, others will be ready to find new homes in the coming days. Upon arrival, the cats received medical evaluations. HSCO staff and volunteers will help the animals adjust after their day trip across the United States,” said Lynne Ouchida, Community Outreach Manager for HSCO.

The Humane Society of Central Oregon is an emergency placement partner of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and has worked in conjunction with HSUS, Greater Good Charities Good Flight and seven other shelters in Idaho, Oregon. Oregon and Washington to place this flight of 181 animals into loving homes.

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