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Foundation buys a transport van for Animal Services | Local News

SPECIAL AT THE NEWS HERALD Burke County Animal Services Foundation

The Burke County Animal Services Foundation Inc., a newcomer to the Burke County nonprofit community, recently completed the purchase of a mid-size van to transport pets for adoption and allow staff at the refuge to manage their work more effectively.

Until the delivery of the new van, staff used borrowed vehicles to travel to out-of-state locations, and while this served its purpose, it was not the most efficient use of resources.

“This van will allow us to continue our efforts to save the lives of pets. We will now be able to send more animals for adoption in our community,” said Kaitlin Settlemyre, director of Burke County Animal Services.

The purchase of the vehicle was the culmination of the efforts of many financial partners, including the Mull Family Foundation, Burke County government, donations and fundraising efforts of the foundation.

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“We are pleased to support the effort to purchase this vehicle,” said Scott Mulwee, Chairman of the Burke County Board of Commissioners. “This not only helps provide more pets for adoption, but it helps reduce costs by reducing the number of animals that remain in our care.”

The Animal Services Foundation was established in 2020 and its mission is: “To support and improve the lives of animals receiving assistance from Burke County Animal Services by helping pets in need through housing, adoption, transportation, education, sterilization assistance and community outreach.

The new transport van is the foundation’s first major project. The first funds for the purchase of the van came from a grant from the Mull Family Foundation, which set the tone to make the purchase possible.

“Without the generous funding provided by the Mull Family Foundation and the Burke County Commissioners, I know we would not be celebrating this purchase today,” said Alan Wood, president of the Animal Services Foundation. “Their confidence that our small, dedicated group could find the assets to make this purchase so quickly is very humbling.”

The van will need to be fitted with crates, a new HVAC system and soundproofing to enable safer transport of the animals. This will be the next step in the process.

Adjustment costs are expected to be $8,000 to $9,000. There will be new fundraising events and other opportunities to support the Animal Services Foundation available in the near future.

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