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Felon arrested after drowning two puppies recently rescued from animal shelter

A criminal has been arrested after he confessed to drowning two puppies he got from an animal shelter.

Bloomington police arrested Connor Lappin, 29, on two felony counts earlier this month. Each count involved torturing or mutilating a vertebrate animal and failing to properly dispose of a dead animal. Lappin pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Previously, Lappin bragged about killing his rescued puppies. According to court documents viewed by Fox 59, Lappin allegedly sexually assaulted the dogs before killing them, one individual claimed to believe.

Via WRTV, associates told police they heard from Lappin how he held the dog underwater until he was near death before repeatedly letting him back up to breathe and finally to drown him.

Claiming that the local animal shelter‘s newest dog had run away, reports suggest Lappin initially denied killing the animals to police.

Eventually, according to police, between the winter of 2021 and February 2022, Lappin admitted to killing the two dogs.

When the police told him about the animal deaths, Lappin was already in jail. He had previously been jailed and charged with criminal intimidation and assault in an unrelated case.

A week after adopting them from the shelter, Lappin reportedly told police he killed each puppy. Apparently he blamed meth for why he decided to kill them.

Lappin told police he drowned each pup in his bathtub before throwing bleach on their corpses, swaddling them and carrying them to two woods, according to documents seen by Fox 59.

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