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Dogs in the care of LA Animal Services go weeks or even months without being walked or taken out of their crates.

There is even more to this story.

Claudio Kusnier, a West and East Valley Shelter volunteer who has since been suspended for speaking to the media, and K911resQ founder and president Sabrina Somma joined Tomi Lahren to discuss what these shelters are doing to make it so hard to rescue dogs. .

Somma said there were about three rescue coordinators she worked with who were fantastic.

“I emailed them and they sent it back and we’re taking the dog out and I’m going to the vet, but the others I just can’t. It takes a righteous act of God to get a message across,” she said. “I spend the whole day waiting. It’s almost impossible.

After the shelter deemed a dog unadoptable and essentially a lost cause, Kusnier pulled a dog out of its crates and actually interacted with it. “But they told you that dog was just euthanizing them. He’s aggressive, he’s mean. Is that the case ? asked Tom.

“What the shelter started to do at some point was that it allowed everyone to take shelter without fear, to train,” Kusnier detailed. “Supposed to be, you know, how to deal with fearful dogs and behavioral dogs using high value treats to get dogs out of their kennels to help dogs.

“But this dog was therefore classified as FAS5, which is the highest level of fear, anxiety and stress, which means that this dog growls while barking. It shows its teeth, eyes and pupils are dilated and he throws himself with the intention of biting. That’s how this dog was described behind the door of the kennel, “he said. “You see, right now, it’s extremely friendly. Obviously, this is just an example. You know, this dog should not be evaluated on his presence at the kennel. He should be evaluated outside of these kennels.

These dogs are wrongly labeled “vicious” and then euthanized. LA Animal Services must answer for it.

Here’s everything they had to say:

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