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Dog Star’s Former Animal Sanctuary Celebrates His Role in the Predator Movie

Coco the dog is a major star of the Predator prequel, Prey, and the animal shelter she was adopted from is taking a moment to celebrate her.

Preyit is The canine star gets a special shoutout from the animal shelter she was residing in. Prey is the last entry in the Predator franchise and arrived on Hulu on August 5, 2022. The film received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike for its reimagining of the sci-fi action movie series, and became the biggest premiere ever. the history of the streaming service.

Much attention has deservedly been given to star Amber Midthunder and director Dan Trachtenberg, but the biggest surprise star of Prey was the character of Sarii, the canine companion of Midthunder’s Naru. Sarii is played by a real dog named Coco. The original role of the dog in Prey was much smaller, but the director said seeing more of Sarii was a key note from test audiences, so the film has all the usable footage they had. Since then, Coco has been as popular online with audience members as Midthunder and the creature Predator.


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Now, Fulton County Animal Services is taking to Facebook to highlight Coco’s role in Prey. The post highlights how Coco has no film background, but was adopted by a family specifically to star in the Predator film. Also included is a delightful anecdote from Midthunder which confirms that although Coco needed more patience as she was untrained, she won the hearts of cast and crew as she has now won audiences. . See the full message below:

Prey is one of many films to recently use shelter animals for their film production. The Disney+ remake of the Lady and the Tramp used rescue dogs for the main cast, with Tramp being played on set by a dog named Monte, a rescue from Arizona. Coco’s life before she was adopted Prey remains unknown, but it looks like she’s been enjoying a good life and a new sense of star power since her film debut in Prey.

Next The prey success on Hulu, it’s likely the series will continue in some form. We don’t know if it will be a direct sequel to Prey, or another project pursuing the principle of having a Predator explore different time periods. If a direct sequel to Prey is greenlit, it’s entirely possible that audiences will see more of Coco as Sarii, although production is expected to move quickly – with the level of acclaim she’s been receiving, it shouldn’t be long before the film is released. This dog’s schedule is filled with other film and television projects.

Source: Fulton County Animal Services