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Discover the latest projects of Animal Services Club – The Etownian

Elizabethtown College Student Clubs provide opportunities for students to connect with each other as well as with the community. There are an abundance of different clubs for those with different interests to choose from!

One club in particular that is taking the initiative to follow Etown’s motto “Educating for Service” is the Animal Services Club, which members affectionately refer to as the ASC. Created by junior Madison Carey in the fall of 2021, the mission of this club is to help local shelters and farms through volunteer work and fundraising.

Once a month during the 2021-2022 school year, CSA members had the opportunity to volunteer at the Second Chance for Life Rescue Shelter. Those who volunteered helped socialize the animals to prepare them for adoption and keep their shelters clean.

Another notable activity organized by the club was a fundraiser held in the demonstration kitchen at the Bowers Center for Sports, Fitness and Well-being. They provided ingredients and step-by-step instructions to educate attendees on how to make dog treats. Members then sold these dog treats to raise donations for local charities and shelters.

As for future plans for this college year, Carey hopes to organize several different events to raise awareness of the club and continue raising funds for organizations that support animal welfare.

“One of our main goals this year is to show that ASC is for students of all majors, not just pre-vets,” Carey said.

Carey continued to share some specific ideas that she hopes to realize in the coming months. Perhaps the most exciting of these is a trip to the Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. Participating volunteers would work directly with various farm animals and have the chance to build relationships with them if they choose to become recurring helpers. Another excursion in preparation is a visit to the Wolf Sanctuary of PA.

Possible future events on campus include visits to local farms and Susquehanna service dogs.

While it may be fairly new, it’s clear that CSA is making strides to become one of the most popular clubs on campus. If you would like to join the ASC, follow their Instagram page @etownasc to stay up to date with meetings and events.