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Community Feature: Tri County Animal Rescue

Champagne & Parisi is extremely proud of its growth as a brokerage house. Our real estate agents go above and beyond to get the best price for you, always giving back as individuals and as a team. On the heels of our many successes, we are honored to contribute to several non-profit organizations each year – impacting everything from pet adoption to child safety to educating families. care and assistance for the elderly. Beyond our monetary partnership, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty, with many of our estate agents devoting their free time to supporting those most in need among us. With so many animal lovers and such a robust dog culture here in Boca Raton, we knew we had to share the love with the animals.

As an extension of our desire to strengthen our support for our nonprofit partners, we’ve reached out and taken the time to learn more about “who is and why – the people and motivations that power these nonprofit organizations. nonprofits with whom we have partnered for over a decade. Today, we are honored to present The Tri-County Animal Rescue, the leading animal welfare organization in the Greater Boca Raton area. We sent our Chief Marketing Officer to sit down with Founder, Suzi Goldsmith, and her team members. After learning more about their mission and the people who bring it to life, we are more honored than ever to support this wonderful group.

The first days

suzi goldsmith and jeanette christosSuzi Goldsmith and Jeanette Christos co-founded Tri County Animal Rescue over 26 years ago (1996). Anyone who lived in Boca Raton in 1996 would surely notice the urban sprawl that followed. Population and urbanization lead to changes in the populations of wild and domesticated animals. One could say that the creation of Tri-County Animal Rescue further cemented the charitable infrastructure to which so many past and present Boca residents have contributed. Initially, Suzi (picture on the right) handled the whole situation while Jeanette (left picture) run day by day. In 2011, Jeanette Christos sadly passed away, leaving the world behind but never her legacy. Resisting the loss of such an important member of our community has never been easy, but Suzi has taken up the mantle and has been running the show ever since.

Ever a humble leader, Suzi insisted that we take a look back at her foundation and focus our column on animals – the true hallmark of a nonprofit leader with her heart in the right place. While she deserves all the adulation we could hope to write, we are happy to honor the goal that Jeanette and Suzi set out to accomplish nearly 3 decades ago.

animal wellbeing

raising the bar for animal welfare in the tri-county area

Tri-County Animal Rescue is a proud no-kill shelter. Their shelter houses dogs and cats and has adopted over 76,000 rescues. Their ever-growing space in the West Boca area has indoor and outdoor facilities, space for animals to roam, and an extremely well-stocked and staffed kennel. We were incredibly impressed with the effort that went into keeping each room clean and sanitized, both for pets and humans entering the park. Their staff is polite, helpful and hard working. They love what they do and know how important their work is.

4 star charity navigator

a premier non-profit charity navigator

In the past, unethical nonprofits were known to misallocate funds, overspend on foreign initiatives, and even massiduously overpay their leaders. Knowing that there are bad actors who operate under the guise of charity, Charity Navigator has launched, providing the key details and oversight you need before deciding who to contribute to. Knowing this, Tri-County Animal Rescue has enjoyed a 4-star rating (out of 4) for over 6 years, an achievement less than 12% of all charities monitored have achieved. These ratings are assigned following a thorough inspection of financial practices, personnel and quality of facilities, among many other factors.

veterinary care in boca raton

A Major Expansion – The Lois Pope Pet Clinic

Seeing their contribution grow over the years has led to a desire to be more than an adoption shelter. Thanks in large part to her close friend Lois Pope, her namesake veterinary hospital was self-funded. Lois Pope Pet Clinic opened on June 19, 2019 and immediately employed 2 full-time veterinarians and 6 veterinary technical assistants. The hospital is now open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 7 days a week, serving dogs, cats and rabbits. The immaculate new facility has added a major dimension to the already remarkable service that Tri-County Animal Rescue provides to residents and animals. With the ability to provide veterinary care to animals on site, the quality of life and safety of each animal has once again been improved. In addition to caring for the pets under its roof, the Lois Pope Pet Clinic offers neutering services, vaccinations, and general appointments.

In addition to this incredible stand-alone clinic, Tri County Animal Rescue has a mobile sterilization truck that includes a full surgical suite. Although it has been inactive during the throes of the pandemic, the team looks forward to putting rubber on the road and continuing to provide preventative services to animals in our community.

How you can help!

As with any non-profit organization, volunteers and donations are the bread and butter to sustain and grow their operations.

Frequent volunteer organizations include scouts, high school and college students, and even community service hours for low-level nonviolent sentencing. Click on HERE to learn more about volunteering.

For monetary donations, Tri County Animal Rescue offers a simple donation link, in addition to multiple sponsorship opportunities. Some of their sponsorship options include a dedicated kennel or a custom brick engraved in your honor. To donate money or participate in one of their referral programs, click HERE

In addition to financial and volunteer support, Tri County Animal Rescue is looking for many items including pet food, toys, beds, trash bags, bleach and other pet products. cleaning, litter, office supplies, etc.

Coming soon

Coming soon: a new level of partnership

The Champagne & Parisi team and Tri County Animal Rescue have big plans ahead! Stay tuned and learn more about our common goals and initiatives. Check out our social media and blog as we work to find more pets in loving homes, something sacred to many of our dog and cat loving Realtors. We are proud to work alongside and support such an honest organization. Tri County Animal Shelter has continued to grow and demonstrate that it has never deviated from its primary purpose. For this, we are grateful to play our part, however small.