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Chester County Animal Rescue rescues group of abused beagles – Daily Local

WEST GROVE—A Chester County animal rescue rescued a group of beagles, many of whom live in unsanitary conditions. as part of a national rescue effort.

Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue in West Grove successfully rescued a group of 10 beagles as part of a nationwide rescue effort by the Humane Society of the United States.

The Humane Society took responsibility for the beagle’s relocation following a Justice Department lawsuit against Envigo RMS LLC, a company that bred dogs to be sold to labs for experimentation animal. In June, Envigo announced that it would close the Virginia breeding facility it operated.

Around 4,000 beagles are rescued from Envigo which bred and sold animals for lab testing, after an investigation found the dogs were subjected to harsh and inhumane conditions. According to a court filing from May this year, this included dogs who were still nursing puppies being denied food; dogs receiving food contaminated with mold, live insects and feces; dogs with treatable diseases being euthanized instead of treated, sometimes killed inhumanely without anesthesia.

A team of U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors who visited the facility encountered a dog whose paw had been stuck in the ground for an unknown amount of time.

Repeated federal inspections at Envigo resulted in dozens of violations, including findings that some dogs had been “euthanized” without first being anesthetized, that dogs had received inadequate veterinary care and insufficient nutrition, and that they lived in unsanitary conditions.

“These dogs have lived their lives in a huge breeding facility riddled with animal welfare law violations,” said Miguel Abi-hassan, animal rescue, care and sanctuary manager for the Humane Society of Humanities. United States. “We are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with our shelter and rescue partners to bring these beagles back to life.”

These abused beagles were rescued and are available for adoption at Greenmore Animal Rescue in Chester County. (PHOTO SUBMITTED)

Greenmore Farm is part of the Humane Society’s Shelter and Rescue Partner Program, a network of more than 350 organizations committed to serving as a companion animal safety net and mentor for overwhelmed shelters across the country.

“We are very happy to be able to give these adorable beagles a second chance,” said Julia Altman, General Manager of Greenmore Farm. “Thanks to our rescue friends at Priceless Pets of California and the Humane Society, we were able to help these babies who arrived at Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue last Thursday.

Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue is a nonprofit volunteer rescue located on a six-acre farm in West Grove. Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue has been helping animals find their forever homes since 2010 and has rescued over 3,500 dogs since its inception.

The beagles have been neutered and neutered and will soon be available for adoption. Anyone wishing to help with the rehabilitation of these beagles is encouraged to visit to make a donation. Adoption applications are also accepted through the website.