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Chandigarh MC plans city’s first animal rescue center: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Sandeep Rana

Chandigarh, August 26

The city can have its first rescue center for all types of animals, including cows, dogs, kittens, birds or even snakes, in distress. Animals, including strays, will also be cared for at the center.

The local Municipality has vacant land in various areas and hopes to operate the facility from there.

Can collaborate

If CRAWFED wishes to manage this installation, it can. Or we can collaborate. Anindita Mitra, curator MC

MC Commissioner Anindita Mitra said the proposal was made by the Welfare Federation of Resident Associations of Chandigarh (CRAWFED).

“We will table this at the MC General House meeting. We have vacant land, and if CRAWFED wants to run this facility, they can. Or we can manage it together with them,” the MC chief said.

Currently, there is no government hotline or facility to help animals in distress. Stray dogs or livestock are often seen in trouble on the roads. Some NGOs have gotten involved, but very few people know about it. On the other hand, work on the Civic Corps Animal Birth Control Center (ABC) with pound at Raipur Kalan is already progressing at a snail’s pace. Due to the excessive delay, other cattle pens are overcrowded, with some accommodating animals doubling their capacity. This year, the company has requested Rs 4.40 crore to put the finishing touches on the ongoing construction work on the pound. Prior to this, an estimate of Rs 2.33 crore has been prepared for the building and perimeter wall of a gaushala and a pound. Various calls for tenders for spare parts have been launched.

The first stone of the pound was laid in October 2019 and was supposed to be completed in a year, but the project skipped several deadlines.

Incomplete Raipur Kalan Pound

Work on the animal birth control center and MC pound at Raipur Kalan is progressing at a snail’s pace. Work began in October 2019 and skipped several deadlines.

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  • It will address cattle, dogs, kittens, birds, snakes in distress, even strays
  • Currently there is no helpline or government facility to assist animals in distress.
  • Some NGOs have pitched in, but a few people are aware of these