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Canine operations suspended at Pasco Animal Services due to contagious virus

Pasco County Animal Services (PCAS) announces that it is suspending dog adoptions, admissions, surgeries and rescue transfers for 14 days due to the presence of canine pneumovirus.

It is a highly contagious virus that causes respiratory illnesses in dogs. While some dogs are asymptomatic, the main symptoms include sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, cough and fever.

“It’s not a virus that humans would catch, or cats would catch. So if you have a household with multiple pets, you have dogs and cats, and you’re worried, your cat or your children or people shouldn’t catch it at all,” said PCAS shelter veterinarian Dr. Tiffany Bogart.

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The shelter regularly tests its animals and found on Thursday that a dog tested positive for canine pneumovirus. He is now taking proactive steps to keep other dogs safe.

“It’s very likely that this dog that tested positive for this disease, came in with this disease or another dog that we care for, came into our shelter with this disease,” said Spencer Conover, assistant manager of (PCAS).

The shelter says normal operations should resume in about two weeks or when veterinarians determine the environment is safe for pets.