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Blind dog at Sussex Animal Rescue unable to find a home

Chance was taken into the care of Paws and Whiskers Sussex (PAWS) eight months ago and has so far been unsuccessful in finding accommodation.

The two-year-old Chihuahua was born with a condition called microphthalmia, which means he is completely blind because his eyes are not developing.

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He also has a cleft lip which his foster family says is not causing him any problems – although it may cause a negative reaction from other dogs as he appears to have a ‘permanent growl’.

Chance is blind and couldn’t find a place to live.

PAWS said Chance may have been spoiled in the past because of this, coming into foster care with strong guarding tendencies and “bad dog manners”, which he has made progress with.” incredible”.

Despite his disability, Chance acts like “any other dog” and should be treated as such.

Lucia Harvey, PAWS Welfare and Behavior Manager and Chance’s foster family, said: “He’s a special boy because he is and has always been completely blind.

“However, that doesn’t stop him from doing, well, anything really, other than he’ll have to be a dog on a leash or he’ll zoom right into a wall… Not good!


“Chance loves every second of life and is a very enthusiastic boy.

“He’ll take as many walks as you want, but is content with two half-hour walks a day, unless it’s raining, so he’s happier playing indoor games like finding the biscuit !”

Above all, Chance’s favorite thing is cuddling, preferably on her human’s lap.

He also likes to bury himself under blankets and quilts, and especially likes to sleep in his foster family’s bed,

Lucia said: “He really smells chilly because of his super short coat, so be prepared to share your bed – it’s an absolute must, so if you want the dogs out of furniture or beds, Chance n is not for you.”

“This boy needs himself so badly, he deserves it but is constantly neglected.

“He will love you fiercely and will always be by your side.”

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