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Black Dog Animal Rescue (BDAR) Adoptable Animals – May 12, 2022 | Lifestyles


Odie – We don’t think Odie ever had the chance to be a puppy, so he really enjoys exploring that side of life. Once he’s comfortable with you, he wants to play all day! He has a quirky personality and will constantly make you laugh. Stuffed animals are his favorite! He loves to shake them! Odie also enjoys playing with his adoptive brother. Once he gets used to a new dog, he likes to play archery and entice the other dog into a wrestling match! Odie will be more successful in a forever home with a confident dog to show him the ropes!

Adoptable Ranchero Dog


ranchero – Ranchero’s foster home says he’s the sweetest, funniest and most affectionate dog in the world. He is eccentric and will do anything for your love and affection. With proper exercise and mental stimulation, it is very easy to live with. He has a ton of energy, so regular exercise is a must for this pup, including a fenced-in area in the backyard where he can run and run and run full of energy. His foster home reports that he has brought immeasurable joy into their lives, and he will surely do the same for you!

Adoptable Juniper Dog


Juniper – A PACK graduate! Juniper patiently waits for her forever home, but she doesn’t know what is taking so long. She graduated from our PACK program with high marks and is ready to learn more! Juniper is a ball dog and LOVES to play fetch. She has lots of energy and would do best in an active household. Juniper is almost 3 years old, gets along well with dogs, but shouldn’t live with cats

Adoptable dog Lily


Lily – A PACK graduate! Lily is a pretty ball of energy and full of life! She is very affectionate and is always happy. She continually seeks the attention of everyone she meets, and no one is a stranger! One of his favorite moves is resting his head on your thigh and scratching his neck. When she’s not having her neck scratched, she enjoys playing with the ball (even bringing it back once in a while!), and playing with other dogs. She would appreciate another energetic dog sibling in her household. She shares her toys very well with other dogs.

Abbott Adoptable Dog


Abbott – A PACK graduate! Abbott’s ears are one of his best features, but he has so many to choose from! He has the cutest pig growl when you pet him just right. He gets along well with other dogs, but can seem a bit awkward at first. He needs to get to know the dogs and their playstyles before he feels comfortable playing. He kept his ball from time to time, but his coach in PACK is working on this problem. Abbott is house and kennel trained. He was fine with the cats in his foster family before going to PACK. Very small children make him nervous and he doesn’t really like them. Therefore, a house with children 10 years and older is preferable.

Anya adoptable dog


anya – Anya doesn’t know a lot of commands but she sits down just fine for a tasty treat. She loves to be petted and cuddled and her favorite daytime activity is lounging in the sunny spot by the window. Her foster home reports that she pulls a little on the leash but it’s not too bad and a little practice will do her good.