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Bay County Animal Services Hosts “Caturday” Adoption Event

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – While CrossFit and cats may seem like an unlikely duo, Panama City CrossFit was able to help cats and kittens find their forever homes at an adoption event this morning.

Bay County Animal Services hosted a “Caturday” adoption event to kick off their partnership with Panama City CrossFit.

The idea for the partnership came after they noticed that many people couldn’t afford to take their sick animals to the vet.

Panama City CrossFit wanted to help and they are setting up a donation fund to try to help.

Bay County Animal Services Division Manager Kathy Beatson said Saturday’s event was a way to get back into the community and hopes their partnership will help people meet their pet’s medical expenses. company.

“Getting our cart back because we couldn’t get it out because of the pandemic and everything that’s going on, Beatson said.“ So we want to come back into the community with this and show off all the animals that we have. because we have a lot of large animals all the time. ”

They brought nine cats to the event and within the first two hours two cats had already been adopted.