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As capacity issues persist, Twin Falls Animal Shelter asks for help

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) – As the Twin Falls Animal Shelter continues to address capacity issues, it released an open letter to residents of Twin Falls County, asking residents to do more to help .

The shelter’s years-long battle to free up space continues, leading manager Debbie Blackwood to remark that she’s never seen the shelter overrun with animals for such an extended period of time.

Currently, they welcome between 15 and 20 animals per day and have more than 100 animals in their care.

“It’s happening all over the country, people are getting rid of their pets,” Blackwood said.

When the shelter was built in 2004, Twin Falls County’s population was about 68,000, according to US Census Bureau data. In 2021, more than 92,000 people resided in the county, which puts additional pressure on entities like the shelter.

According to Blackwood, however, expanding the shelter would hurt taxpayers without solving the root of the problem. Instead, she asked the whole community to play a bigger role in helping homeless animals.

His recently released letter to the community asked residents to adopt or foster animals, share available pet profiles on social media, spay and neuter personal pets, or publicize benefits. word of mouth adoption.

According to the letter, during the shelter’s current capacity crisis, adult dogs are being housed in the facility’s puppy room and animal control area.

Blackwood said she was a solution-oriented person who meanwhile worked around the clock to save the lives of the animals in her care.

“It would be nice not to feel so much pressure,” Blackwood said. “But, it’s our job to take care of stray and abandoned dogs and find new homes for them, if there’s no owner then we just keep getting by.”

She added that the idea of ​​the shelter being so full before the 4th of July weekend is “scary”, but added that the shelter will do whatever it takes to save any dog ​​in need.

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