Animal welfare

Are you looking for a best friend? Check out the animal welfare organization’s adoption campaign in Klang on October 16

KLANG: After a long hiatus from pet-related events in Klang, the canine welfare organization MDDB will finally hold an adoption campaign here.

The event will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. outside the Thomas Animal Clinic in Taman Gembira here on Sunday (October 16) to look for homes for four puppies.

MDDB adoption coordinator Christine Lai said the impromptu event was held to help Klang resident Ganesh Pillai.

“Ganesh came to us asking for help saying he desperately needed a home for the puppies who had been abandoned outside his door because he couldn’t take care of them anymore,” Lai said. .

She said that Ganesh who suffered from acute asthma sought help from MDDB as he was still in and out of the hospital due to his medical condition.

“We could tell he was sick as he was whistling a lot and was short of breath, so we felt we had to find homes for the puppies so he could focus on his recovery,” Lai said.

She added that the puppies all looked healthy and it was clear that Ganesh had taken good care of them despite his poor condition.

Lai said puppies are regularly abandoned these days by stray dog ​​owners who failed to neuter their dogs.

“Some of them even have a male and female pair and yet don’t neuter them,” Lai said.

And when dogs give birth and owners are unable to rehome them, they choose to abandon them instead, Lai said.

“Some of them think abandoning them outside other people’s homes is okay, but they don’t realize they’re just creating trouble for others,” Lai said.

She added that because he had a good heart, Ganesh took care of the puppies even though his health was deteriorating because of it.

Lai hoped that the people of Klang would visit the adoption campaign and give the puppies good homes.

Thomas Clinic is located at No. 15, Jalan Mempelam, Taman Gembira, Klang.

For more details WhatsApp 012-284 6039.