Animal welfare

Animal Welfare League details new adoption statistics

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington reports that 2,444 cats, dogs and small animals were adopted from its shelter in the 12 months ending June 30.

That’s down slightly from 2,587 the previous year, which may be a positive sign that things are calming down in the current COVID deal world.

In preliminary data reported on August 3, the organization also reported that 1,341 pets had been transferred to its care from other shelters or rescue organizations, while 1,881 had been placed in foster homes. temporary with the help of volunteers.

Under the organization’s Pet Pantry program, 2,201 pets received supplies, food and litter, up from 1,400 the previous year, possibly indicating declining economic conditions.

During the year, just under $64,700 was awarded to pet owners to provide emergency and chronic veterinary care assistance. This is in line with a year ago.

Additionally, a total of 2,443 wildlife-related calls were received and answered by the organization’s animal control team.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington provides services to the community under contract with the government of Arlington. For more information, see the website at