Animal welfare

Animal welfare – a seminar and field trip by students from St Aloysius PUC

Animal welfare – a seminar and field trip by students from St Aloysius PUC

Mangaluru: Animals speak a language of unconditional love. To understand that, what you have to give them is just a touch of humanity,” remarked Certified Animal Rescuer Ms Sulakshana Karkala as she reflected on “Animal Welfare and Rescue”. , an awareness conference, organized for members of the Eco Club. of St Aloysius College PU.

The resource person, Ms Sulakshana Karkala, is an educator and researcher at St Aloysius College, self-governing. As a certified member of animal ethics committees, she has told the deplorable stories of Mangaluru’s ‘Charlie 777’, highlighting the brutality of purebred animal inbreeding depression, animal abuse and associated legalities. The interview ended with the students expressing their opinions and clarifying their doubts.

A field trip to Animal Care Trust (ACT), Shakthinagar was organized for the students where the students were greeted by the cheerful wagging of dogs’ tails and the curious looks of captive Aves. Here, students have seen rescued animals, animals kept for adoption, injured dogs treated and also cared for animals with serious illnesses receiving veterinary care. Students did ACT a favor by cleaning cages, fixing clothes, resetting the operating room, and more. They also received advice on using social media to report animal distress and accident cases for help and rescue.

As a sign of love and affection for the protected animals, the students donated animal food, old blankets and monetary contributions. The session was eye-opening and provided experiential learning for students with the message that each of us can contribute to animal welfare.