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Animal Shelter organizes public tours for its grand reopening

ROCKINGHAM – The Richmond County Animal Shelter has reopened under the leadership of K2 Solutions.

K2 has had operational control of the installation since August 1. In June, the Richmond County Board of Commissioners approved a deal that would allow the company to take over the shelter.

Program manager Rachel Royston said she was working with county staff on repairs and repainting of the shelter.

“We want him to look like a new face,” Royston said. “The county has put a lot of work and effort into modernizing the interior and making it beautiful. “

Since K2 took over leadership roles, Royston said there has been an increase in the influx of animals to the shelter and in adoptions. Currently, the shelter is at around 90% of its capacity with over 100 animals.

“We hope to accomplish a greater sense of community not only for people but also for animals,” Royston said.

The shelter offered tours to visitors throughout the reopening and held an ‘adopt-athon’ with reduced fees. People who donated to the event were entered into a raffle.

“The tour was really cool and it even smells good here, which is unusual for an animal shelter,” said Tommy Walk, who was “big animal lovers” with his family.

K2 recently hired manager Courtney Harris in Georgia. She will oversee day-to-day operations going forward.

“I hope to bring the community back,” said Harris. “[Adoption Coordinator Jessica Jones] and I’m working on making many more dogs adoptable and reducing our rate of euthanasia. “

Harris has worked as a veterinary technician and in various animal shelters and hospitals. Harris was previously a board member for a pit bull rescue in Savannah.

During her tour, Heather Bassett said she saw “positive changes”.

“It was a lot more welcoming,” Bassett said of his experience. “They are doing a great job.”

Royston and Harris both said they are increasing communication with various rescue groups in the area, and are working to establish more sterilization clinics.

“Hopefully in the next few months we’ll start to implement a lot more programs,” Harris said. “Barn cat program, volunteer programs, programs with schools to give volunteer hours to high school students, things of that nature. “

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