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Animal shelter gets funding boost: Pandemic had cut money to Sammie’s friends

Sammie’s Friends got a funding boost.

A personal services agreement with the county’s contract animal shelter increased its funding by $36,000 for the 2022-23 fiscal year.

Sammie’s Friends has provided contract services to operate the county animal shelter since 2010. In keeping with county government practice, two years ago Nevada County issued Requests for Proposals for best value- prices for animal shelter services. Supervisors have selected Sammie’s Friends as the most economical and responsible bidder to continue providing these services until June 30, 2023.

A previous contract included reduced fees, which resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the changing nature of the pandemic and the funding now available led officials last week to reinstate the contract to the amount of pre-COVID funding for its final year, said Andrew Trygg, public information manager for the office. of the sheriff.

“The contract originally had a total price of $2,109,000, which includes $678,000 per year in general funds and $25,000 per year in funding from the Wilson Family Trust, so long as funds from that fund are available” , said Trygg.

These funds must be used exclusively for animal feed and medical care. They cannot be used for administrative, labor, overhead, or other non-food/medical expenses.

“The contract amendment increases the base contract price by $36,000 for the final year of the base services contract and is funded entirely from general fund funds,” Trygg said.

Supervisors passed the amendment as part of their consent schedule – agenda items are routine in nature and generally passed without discussion.

Additionally, supervisors approved adoption fees – $60 for cats and $100 for dogs.

“These funds are kept at the shelter and are used to offset housing costs,” Trygg said. “Generally there are other costs that can be associated with an animal, such as licensing fees.”

He added that there is no limit to how long animals can stay at the shelter.

“Euthanasia is used if, and only to, alleviate animal suffering,” he said.

William Roller is a staff writer at The Union. He can be contacted at [email protected]