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Testimony reveals the disappearance of more than 40 dogs

After allegations of animal abuse and indicted testimony in Wayne County Courthouse, a judge ordered the Wayne County Animal Rescue shut down within 30 days and charged a man with animal cruelty.

Judge Ralph Smith has ordered the remaining animals in WCAR’s care to be transferred to the Hub City Humane Society in Hattiesburg. The decision came after people and residents affected by the shelter‘s practices took action against the owners of the association and the owners, Kathy Yvonne Mills and Ryan Mills, pursued the claims. Smith ruled against the Mills and charged Ryan Mills with two counts of animal abuse, fined him $ 1,000 and a one-year suspended sentence. The mills were also ordered not to own animals for 15 years – with the exception of their personal pets.

Photographs provided by In Defense of Animals, an international animal rights organization, showed dead dogs in crowded cages and in poor living conditions.

In Defense of Animals was contacted by two of the applicants, Jasmine Felps and Destiny McIlwain, who were former caregivers of the Mills’ sons and volunteered at the shelter. Felps and McIlwain both testified in court about alleged abuse by Mr. Mills, including the theft and shooting of animals.

In court, Felps testified to the disappearance of more than 40 dogs that were in possession of the shelter, saying Mr Mills left two of the corpses of the slaughtered dogs in their kennel.

Ms Mills testified that the dogs were taken to another rescue, but did not disclose details of the transfer. Les Mills sued in Wayne County courthouse against volunteers Felps, McIlwain and Christy Stokely after the volunteers filed the initial complaint in September. Stokely did not testify in court. The judge dismissed all charges against the volunteers, which were harassment and trespassing, and also placed a no-contact order between the mills and the asylum seekers.

Doll Stanley, director of the In Defense of Animals justice campaign, told the court the Mills were unable to explain the disappearance of the 40 dogs overnight, and two men who worked for the Mills, Edward Thompson and Shawn Walley, testified that they had seen Mr. Mills shoot dogs.

“There were so many aspects to it more than cruelty,” Stanley said. “The judge was excellent, and there was absolutely no doubt in his mind that Jasmine, Destiny and Christy were not guilty of the charges laid.”